Our Camera Internship Program offers a unique and enriching educational opportunity for aspiring individuals interested in the film industry, with a specific focus on cinema cameras. Through hands-on experiences with leading industry professionals and close mentorship from TCS employees, our interns gain valuable insights and knowledge that contribute to their personal and professional growth.

During the internship, we encourage interns to approach their experience with curiosity and a willingness to learn. The main emphasis is on actively observing and shadowing seasoned TCS employees, allowing interns to absorb industry practices and techniques organically.

Experiences and Responsibilities

Interns will be trained and learn various aspects of our operations. We understand that a successful internship goes beyond just responsibilities. We aim to provide a fulfilling, immersive experience fostering growth and learning. Some aspects of our internship program include:

  • Assist equipment load-ins and load-outs and ensure the correct equipment reaches the right area. 
  • Maintain a clean and organized workplace. Ensure pathways are clear. 
  • Return equipment to their designated locations. 
  • Clean equipment. 
  • Check, maintain, and store cables.
  • Affix new logos/labels to cases/equipment as needed. 
  • Assist with reorganization. 
  • Assist the Driver and Receiving Manager/Dispatch Coordinator as needed. 
  • Test and perform minor repairs on batteries.

Skills and Growth Opportunities

We value interns with a genuine passion for learning and a commitment to personal development. Throughout the internship, you will have the opportunity to enhance various skills and abilities, transferable to the camera or other departments in production. You will develop adaptability and the ability to thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. You will gain familiarity with the general skills needed to work in an equipment rental facility.

Internship Requirements and Limitations

  1. Full-time immersion allows for deep involvement and hands-on learning.
  2. Interns are unpaid and are not considered employees for minimum wage purposes.
  3. Interns do not receive benefits.
  4. If enrolled in an accredited institution (not required,) interns should be in an associated program or class to earn credits toward their degree. 

This internship will offer a transformative experience, equipping you with invaluable knowledge and practical skills within the film industry.