TCS Opens State-of-the-art Rental facility in Brooklyn, NY

Posted 4/21/2022

New 20,000+ square foot facility open in Brooklyn!

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK– Technological Cinevideo Services, (TCS Inc.), New York’s eminent, full-service camera equipment rental house, announces their relocation to expanded headquarters in New York City’s booming Brooklyn Navy Yard. Double the size of their previous location, the new 20,000+ square foot facility is designed to meet the growing needs of feature films, scripted and unscripted television, commercials and other productions working on the East Coast, and worldwide. Doors are now open.

Located in the thriving Brooklyn media community, the fully-equipped facility includes an advanced testing suite and eight camera check-out bays along with three private rooms for features, commercials and large television productions requiring extra space. Open and modern, the new facility is designed to provide clientele with the TCS hallmark camera prep team and experienced technicians, as well as 24/7 tech support.

Specializing in the most desirable professional gear, the production community has relied upon TCS for over forty years. Known for personalized support, clients have access to the TCS inventory of world-class motion picture and television cameras and support gear including their extensive collection of contemporary lenses and sought-after vintage glass. Whatever the need or project, from specialty cameras for a cine-style feature or episodic, a dozen packages for reality shows, an efficiently appointed documentary rig, or other gear, TCS is at the ready.

In addition to keeping their own extensive rental inventory in pristine condition, TCS also offers an expert service, repair and maintenance department for equipment owners. This includes maintaining most digital cine equipment from camera bodies to lenses, monitors, fluid heads and more—even gear that is no longer supported by manufacturers.

TCS is a family-owned and operated business with brothers Oliver and Erik Schietinger, at the helm. Co-principal, Oliver Schietinger notes “Although we have been servicing Brooklyn for decades, our team is excited to be part of today’s Brooklyn filmmaking vitality. Co-principal Erik Schietinger adds, “Our supportive staff really understands our clients’ diverse requirements. From independent productions to studio films we know we can be a valuable asset to the production community.”


Posted 5/28/2021

The Personal Lenses of the Cinematography Legend are now Available for Rental

A unique set of Bausch & Lomb Baltar lenses owned and used by the legendary late cinematographer Harris Savides over his years of filmmaking have joined the rental inventory of Technological Cinevideo Services (TCS). The four focal lengths available are the 25mm T2.8, 35mm T2.5, 50mm T2.8, and 100mm T2.5. Savides kept these lenses with his personal 35mm Arriflex IIC cine camera and brought them to each of his film sets. The lenses have been generously loaned to TCS by Harris Savides’s daughter, director and actress Sophie Savides. The lenses join TCS’s lineup of original Baltars, including a 30mm T2.5, 40mm T2.5, 75mm T2.5, and 152mm T2.8.

These lenses are Bausch and Lomb Baltar or “original” Baltar lenses designed in the 1930s. Harris Savides primarily used them on fashion commercials, not to be confused with the later and more common Bausch and Lomb Super Baltars from the mid-1960s, with which Mr. Savides shot features like “Margot at the Wedding” and “Birth.” Classic films like “Night of the Hunter,” “Rear Window,” “The Killing,” and “Psycho” famously used the original Baltars, as well as many other motion pictures. While many lenses from this time varied with manufacturing from lens to lens, the original Baltars typically display a consistent look from lens to lens. Uniquely, the 25 and 50mm in this particular set are uncoated first generation lenses from Bausch & Lomb, while the 35 and 100mm have single-coated optics just as all later Baltars were manufactured. All lenses have good sharpness and contrast with the wide lenses showing gentle corner fall-off.

Harris Savides was one of the most accomplished cinematographers in the business. Over his career, he shot “The Game” and “Zodiac” with David Fincher, six films with Gus Van Sant including “Finding Forrester” and “Milk”, The Key to Reserva” with Martin Scorsese, “The Follow” with Wong Kar-Wai, “Birth” with Jonathan Glazer, “American Gangster” with Ridley Scott, “Somewhere” and “The Bling Ring” with Sofia Coppola, and “Margot at the Wedding” and “Greenberg” with Noah Baumbach.

Mr. Savides’s Baltars are professionally rehoused by Zero Optik to ensure the lenses are usable for years to come. The modern rehousing gives each of the lenses a consistent 95mm front diameter, expanded focus and iris scales, identical gear placement, as well as bodies of aerospace aluminum and stainless steel PL mounts. TCS is proud to be the custodian of this unique and historied set of lenses and is thrilled to offer them to current and future filmmakers.

For rental inquiries for these lenses, email [email protected] or call TCS at 212-247-6517.


Posted 1/15/2021
Phil Gosiewski, Director of Technical Support at TCS

Gosiewski Brings 32 Years of Experience in Motion Picture Camera Rental

Technological Cinevideo Services (TCS) welcomes Phil Gosiewski as Director of Technical Support at TCS, beginning January 25, 2021. Mr. Gosiewski will be in a new role at the company that will directly liaison between the camera department and TCS Engineering & Camera Support, adding his breadth of knowledge and skills to the TCS customer experience.

Of TCS, Gosiewski said, “They’ve demonstrated to the market that they are focused on the most important concerns of a rental house besides solvency: customer service, equipment variety, and professional integrity. They believe the needs of the client are paramount to their internal company procedures and understand the value and responsibility of each relationship. I look forward to helping them achieve their goals.”

Mr. Gosiewski is a highly respected figure in the motion picture industry, with 32 years of experience at rental facilities and 36 years of overall industry experience. Prior to TCS, Gosiewski was a Technical Liaison at ARRI Rental (previously ARRI CSC/ Camera Service Center) where he worked since 1991 in various technical roles. Phil was lead technical rep on productions like “The Wolf of Wall Street”, “American Gangster,” “The Bourne Ultimatum,” “Selma”, and “Gangs of New York”. Phil also worked as a Technician at General Camera NY.

“We are very excited to have Phil join the team at TCS. He is a legend in the industry and a veritable treasure trove of technical knowledge. He’s fostered lasting relationships with cinematographers and other members of the camera team that span decades,” said Erik Schietinger, Principal at TCS. Oliver Schietinger, also Principal at TCS, added that “Phil’s tireless dedication to creative customer solutions has impressed me for a long time. Our mission at TCS is to meet the highest expectations by continuing to improve ourselves and our solutions, and Phil’s presence strengthens this commitment to our clients. We’re ecstatic to start 2021 with Phil as part of the TCS family.”


Posted 6-19-2020

TCS supports racial equity, justice, and human rights. 

Today we acknowledge the significance of Juneteenth, commemorating the liberation of the last slaves in Galveston, Texas, on June 19th, 1865.

One hundred fifty-five years later, the problems with systemic racism, violence, and inequality are still with us, and it is imperative that we all do what we can to fight for a more just society. We need to come together as a company, as an industry, and as one people, to support dismantling systemic racism and discrimination.

We need to do this now.

We recognize that we are on the precipice of some real change in our country. However, platitudes and performative activism will not affect real change; stating that Black Lives Matter is only the first step.


Our place in the industry, in all ways, is a place of support. Since the beginning of our 40+ year history, TCS has supported projects with talented BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) filmmakers, producers, and professional creators of all kinds. We will continue to support BIPOC voices and experiences across all public and promotional channels.

To further amplify voices, TCS has initiated an ongoing series of interviews with diverse filmmakers.


Though we have always believed in the value of diversity, we recognize there is always room for improvement.  We will continue to work on procedures that seek to eliminate bias in our hiring and workplace, and to reach out across broader channels to create a more diverse work environment at TCS.  

Change begins with dialogue. We’re having open conversations with our team to create policies that are supportive and inclusive.


We know we have a lot to listen to and learn from. There is a long road ahead that begins with taking the first step. We know this requires a sustained, long term commitment.  

TCS is developing an annual $30,000 camera equipment grant in support of filmmakers of color. An announcement with more information will follow.

Stay safe and take care of each other.