Looking to be part of the team?

TCS is a premier camera equipment rental house in New York City that supplies equipment to clients all around the world. We’re dedicated to serving our clients with the highest quality equipment and top-notch customer service. Our clients know they’re getting the best when they come to us for their productions, and that’s what we look for in new members of our team.

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Office Manager

The Office Manager at TCS touches and manages activity across several core business functions, including HR, facilities, and administration. They work with department leads and report directly to the executive team.

Prep Technician

The Prep Technician is an on-site role that pulls and prepares camera equipment for check outs, pick ups, delivery, or shipment at TCS. This is a critical operations role that works with TCS clients to ensure an efficient and accurate check out process.

Receiving Technician

The Receiving Technician scans equipment returned from customers and returns items to appropriate places in the warehouse, following organizational protocols. Provides excellent customer service by receiving customers’ scheduled returned rental orders. In addition, this role will accurately keep records of all inventory received and observe safe workplace rules and guidelines when handling rental equipment within the warehouse.

Rental Manager

The Rental Managers take rental orders, create quotes via direct client interaction by phone, e-mail, and in person, and manage the rental experience end-to-end. In addition, our Rental Managers are the liaison between the client (i.e. producer, DP, AC, coordinator, etc) and the company (re: gear availability). Rental Managers maintain client relationships at TCS and work with other departments to ensure a good client experience.