About TCS

We’re located on the beautiful Hudson River waterfront in Manhattan, NY. Easily accessed by public transit and within walking distance of many Hells Kitchen restaurants and attractions.

Established in 1978, TCS provides cinematographers and camera crews with proven technical support and the trusted equipment they need to capture astonishing moving images, even in the most demanding of environments.

Catering to the film, television, commercial and broadcast markets, TCS offers a vast inventory of motion picture cameras, modern and vintage cinema lenses, and a full catalog of accessories to complete even the most robust package required for today’s complex digital cinema market.

TCS has a long history supplying 16mm and 35mm packages to documentary and independent filmmakers, as well as feature film and TV show productions. Over the last few decades, as digital cameras have become more and more prolific throughout the motion picture and television industry, TCS has continued to evolve and grow into a recognized leader for bringing new technologies to the professional cinema rental market. Today, we are proud to call ourselves one of the premier motion picture camera and lens rental houses on the East Coast.

As a Network and Administrator at TCS, you’ll be part of a global industry that serves the highest caliber of television, film and commercial productions.

Role Description

We are looking for a versatile and self-motivated candidate to serve in the role of Network and IT Administrator for a NYC-based motion picture and television camera rental house. 

Candidate will be in charge of setting-up, maintaining and troubleshooting Network & Applications for all the devices connected to the company’s network.  In addition, support end-users on all platforms including computers (Windows/IOS), tablets, smartphones, Bluetooth peripherals, and other IP connected devices. They will also be responsible for ensuring the network is secure and protected from outside and internal threats. Candidate will research and recommend platforms, and overall IT strategies to continue to move the organization to secure “cloud-based” solutions.

Candidate will have strong communication skills and the ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment.  Attention to detail and ability to follow through on medium and long term implementation goals is a must.

Candidate will be the go-to resource for any and all IT/ network issues.

High-level requirements

  • Develop and execute IT infrastructure/ platform strategy that supports, maintains and enables the growth of the company.  This includes cloud solutions, digital security, storage solutions, unified communications and custom software applications including APIs.  IT strategy must enable business transformation and help the company evolve its GTM.  
  • Develop and implement security policies that contain, protect and remediate internal and external digital security threats.  Ensure proper security strategy that maintains the security & integrity of company data. 
  • Ability to troubleshoot and resolve IP based network issues.  Manage network (Ethernet) infrastructure, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, VPNs, SSL, etc.
  • Ability to manage the digital on-boarding of new employees to get them up and running as quickly as possible.  
  • Ability to manage offboarding when employees leave the company by reprovisioning their hardware as needed and promptly closing/transitioning digital presence to prevent security loopholes.
  • Maintain, upgrade patch, and troubleshoot Windows 2016 Server.   Build competence to support custom and critical database and all applications utilized by company.
  • Maintain a detailed inventory of company-wide IT infrastructure and asset assignment to individual users.  Also, manage warranties, service, and repairs (loaner units, etc.).
  • Schedule and perform periodic upgrades and patching of end-user workstations (iOS/ Windows). 
  • Manage vendor relationships for software and hardware platforms.
  • Update and execute DR strategy that includes backups of local machines, servers, etc. in the event of data loss.
  • Manage IP-based phone (RingCentral) and chat system including purchasing/upgrading services as needed, configuring admin settings and helping troubleshoot any issues with desk phones, softphones, UC based applications.
  • Support a variety of IP based devices including  Bluetooth barcode scanners, tablets, laptops including remote desktop usage, two-way radios for internal communication, IP based phones.
  • Maintain and perform periodic upgrades on IP-based security camera system.
  • Help distribute Alarm Codes, Programming, and Removal as-needed.
  • Administer end-user accounts for G Suite and other applications and integrate them seamlessly (UC competence).
  • Manage internal Google Drive network for company including Team Drive, adding/removing file access, and ensuring safe backups.
  • Create and manage security groups for an internally managed database (R2)  to ensure employee’s rights and privileges are commensurate with their experience and positional needs.
  • Work with NMI and potentially ensuring PCI compliance for credit card transactions. 
  • Maintain employee access within the company, including advising regarding admin server access, client payment system (NMI), and Gsuite admin access. Ensure and help refine proper onboarding/offboarding policies to maintain security.

Technical Qualifications

  • Windows 2016 Server experience required.  General knowledge of 2003 and 2012 servers also preferred.
  • Experience with both Windows 7/10 and Mac OS desktops and laptops, iOS, Android devices, and Microsoft Surface tablets running both Windows 10 and Windows RT required.
  • Experience managing bring-your-own-device “BYOD” policies and companies and maintain the security of company data on those devices.
  • Experience with UBIquiti (camera/ networking)
  • Experience with Microsoft Word and Excel required.  Candidate will need to develop and maintain a detailed inventory of IT-related hardware and software assets.  OpenOffice experience also a plus.
  • Experience with G-Suite apps and administration required.
  • IP-based phone system admin experience, including RingCentral.  Performing MACs, etc.
  • Experience with configuring rental database software (R2) and integrating with other apps, is a plus.
  • API experience, ideally with WordPress, Insightly & RingCentral is a plus.
  • SSH connectivity experience is a plus, but not required.
  • Experience with editing comma-delimited files a plus, but not required