Leitz Cine

The  SUMMILUX-C lenses allow the subject to be captured as you see it without significant color temperature shifts or loss of clarity. All colors retain their natural look and feel with special care being shown to skin tones to keep them humane but without looking over sharp or flat. It’s a characteristic called creamy sharpness that can be seen as well as felt in an image


Focal Range


Focal Lengths


Fastest Lens


Released Year


Intended Format


Max. Image Circle

Technical Specifications

  • Rear Filter. via net holder
  • Multi-Aspheric, Telecentric Optical Design ( **none of the FE are aspheric)
  • All matched focus/ iris ring positions
  • Very High Resolution
  • Extremely High Contrast
  • Lightweight (4lbs or less) i.e. 1.6-1.8kg (3.5-4.0 lbs), with standard length.
  • Critical Close Focus Range
Focal LengthT-Stop OpenClose FocusMODLengthFront DiameterWeightScrew-In Filter SizeMount TypeSet-standard Focus and Iris GearsAdd to Rental Quote
16mmT1.41’2″8.50″5.6″95mm3.68 lbs92mmArri PLRENT
18mmT1.41’6″10.62″5.6″95mm3.68 lbs92mmArri PLRENT
21mmT1.41′7.50″5.6″95mm3.48 lbs92mmArri PLRENT
25mmT1.41′7.50″5.6″95mm3.51 lbs92mmArri PLRENT
29mmT1.41’6″10.12″5.6″95mm3.5 lbs92mmArri PLRENT
35mmT1.41’2″10.25″5.6″95mm3.58 lbs92mmArri PLRENT
40mmT1.41’4″11.00″5.6″95mm3.56 lbs92mmArri PLRENT
50mmT1.41’8″16.62″5.6″95mm3.72 lbs92mmArri PLRENT
65mmT1.41’6″11.12″5.6″95mm3.60 lbs92mmArri PLRENT
75mmT1.42’3″22.5″5.6″95mm3.61 lbs92mmArri PLRENT
100mmT1.42’11”2’7.37″5.6″95mm3.52 lbs92mmArri PLRENT
135mmT1.44’1″3’3.37″7.6″95mm7.40 lbs92mmArri PLRENT

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