Aja Hi5-3D HDSDI-to-HDMI Cross Converter + 3D Muxer

  • Product Highlights

    HD-SDI to HDMI 1.4a with additional SDI output
    10-bit HDMI 1.4a support including 3D and embedded audio
    3d Modes: Side-By-Side, Top-Bottom, Frame-Packing
    Horizontal, Vertical or H+V flipping
    720p 50/59.94/60
    1080i 50/59.94/60
    Inputs: Dual HD-SDI (auto-selected), SMPTE-292/296/424, 2x BNC 1 SDI for left eye input (10-bit) 1 SDI for right eye input (10-bit)
    Output: 10-bit HDMI v1.4a, 1 HD-SDI output, 10-bit
    Audio Outputs: HDMI embedded audio, 2 or 8 channels, 2 RCA-style analog outputs at -10dBV (nominal), User assignable channels