Arri FI+Z Wireless Focus Kit incl. WCU-4 / UMC-4 (Focus, Iris, Zoom)

  • Product Highlights

    Up to three different hand units can connect to the UMC-4 at the same time, controlling focus, iris and zoom on any camera
    3 Axis Lens Control
    Optional software license enables remote control for all ALEXA Plus type cameras
    Backlit Focus Knob
    Vibrating Markers
    Easy-to-Read Lens Data Display
    Pre-Marked Focus Rings
    Focus Tracking
    Incorporates the LDS Lens Data Archive and generates frame-accurate lens data with any lens
    Supports internal and external timecode that is recorded with frame-accurate lens data onto SD card

  • Our Kit Includes

    Arri WCU-4 Wireless Control Unit Arri FIZ (White Radio) 312840
    Carry Strap for Arri FIZ
    WCU-4 Pre Marked Ring 12″
    WCU-4 Pre Marked Ring 14″
    WCU-4 Pre Marked Ring 3.6″
    WCU-4 Pre Marked Ring 20″
    WCU-4 Blank Marking Ring
    Arri UMC-4 Motor Controller for Arri FIZ (White Generation)
    2x UMC-3A/UMC-4 Power Cable: 16pFisM CAM-to-PTap
    Arri UMC-3A / UMC-4 To Cinetape Cable (K2.65063.0)
    3pf-to-3pm RS cable
    2x Arri CLM-4 Digital Motor
    3x Motor Cable for CLM-4
    1x Arri CLM-3 Digital Motor
    2x Motor Cable for CLM-3
    3x 15mm Step Down Bushings
    4x Sony NP-FM50 (or equivalent) batteries
    2x Sony NP-FM50 (or equivalent) charger