Arri LMB Pro 4x5.65" Clip-On Matte-Box

  • Product Highlights

    One product covering a wide range of applications
    Filter Sizes: 4″ x 4″, 4″ x 5.65″
    2- or 3-filter metal filter stages (one rotatable)
    Compatible with all Clamp Adapters
    Hood easily removable on set with captive screws
    Clamp-on, 15mm lightweight and 15 and 19mm Studio Rod Support Options
    Offers quick and easy set up without tools
    Tilting option
    Safety gear such as a tray catcher and securing loop
    Accessory mount for ultrasonic or other devices
    Removable sunshade with captive screws

  • Our Kit Includes

    Arri LMB Pro 4X5.65 Clip-On Matte-Box
    114mm Back
    Tray Catcher
    3/8″ Accessory Holder
    15mm LWS Console
    Swing-Away Tilt Module
    Tilt and Flex Adapter
    Top Shade
    Standard 2-stage Filter Assembly
    Clamp-on +1 Rotatable Stage
    Clamp-on +1 Non-Rotatable Stage
    3x 4X5.65/4X4 Combo Filter Tray
    Standard Matte Set

    Specific backs and/or step-down rings are available and can be supplied upon request.
    19mm Studio adapter or Anamorphic hard matte set available and can be supplied upon request.