Arri MB-19 4x5.65" Studio Matte-Box

  • Product Highlights

    Filter size 4″ x 5.65″ / round 138mm
    Compact lightweight matte box for medium-wide primes, 16 mm and HD zooms.
    Compatible with ARRI lightweight support.
    With adapter, compatible with studio bridge plate and ARRI HD baseplate.

  • Our Kit Includes

    Arri MB-19 4×5.65 Studio Matte-Box
    19mm Studio Adapter for MB-19/MB-20
    Eyebrow for MB-19/MB-20
    Side Brow for MB-19 (Left)
    Side Brow for MB-19 (Right)
    4X5.65 Filter Tray Vertical for MB-19
    4X5.65 Filter Tray Horizontal for MB-19/LMB-15/MMB-1
    French Flag Holder for MB-19
    MB-19/LMB-5 18-20mm Mask (35 format)
    MB-19/LMB-5 24-28mm Mask (35 format)
    MB-19/LMB-5 32mm Mask (35 format)
    MB-19/LMB-5 35-40mm Mask (35 format)
    MB-19/LMB-5 50-65mm Mask (35 format)
    MB-19/LMB-5 85-180mm Mask (35 format)
    Specific bellows and/or step-down rings are available and can be supplied upon request.