Codex Capture Drive Dual Dock SAS

  • Product Highlights

    Allows transfer of Codex Capture Drives via SAS connection to Tower or Enclosure
    Check, adjust and add metadata using Codex Media Tools.
    Transcode to a wide range of deliverables using the Codex VFS Encoder – Avid DNxHD, Apple ProRes, DPX etc. – with the option of adding look-up tables and burn-ins where needed.
    Use your Capture Drive Dual Dock (SAS) with the new Apple Mac Pro via a Thunderbolt expansion chassis. Codex has tested the following – Magma 1T, Magma 3T, Sonnet Echo Express, Sonnet Echo Express SE and ATTO Thunderlink.
    Make verified copies of camera original data (ARRIRAW, Canon Cinema RAW or ProRes) from Codex Capture Drives to external hard drives or LTO tape using the Codex Disk and Tape Offloader.

  • Our Kit Includes

    Atto 6GB/S SAS PCIe Card (ATESASH680) W/ SAS connection cable

    Apple Mac Pro Tower
    Apple Magic Mouse
    Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad
    Tenba Transport Air Case for Mac Pro Tower (w/ wheels)
    23″ Samsung LCD Monitor
    DVI Cable