Panasonic Varicam Pure



Body, Lens Mount, Record Module only

Arri PL

Super 35mm

Progressive scan shutter

Electronic shutter, 1 – 358 degrees

8.9 megapixel Super 35mm equivalent MOS sensor


Codex Capture Drive 2.0

V-RAW 1-120fps


(Offload to various other formats such as ProRes and DNxHD possible via Codex Production Suite software)

12-bit — V-RAW (1-60fps)
10-bit — V-RAW (60-120fps)

4:4:4 or 4:2:2



12bit/10bit V-Log uncompressed V-RAW via V-RAW Pure recorder

5000 (or 800)

14+ stops

Yes, Built-in ND6, ND1.2, ND1.8

  • Product Highlights
    • Video captured in 4K by the VariCam 35 camera module AU-V35C1G is recorded as uncompressed V-RAW data to Codex’s Capture Drive 2.0 at up to 120 fps.

    • The recorder proper is 157 mm shorter than earlier systems, making it excellent for mobile use and easier to mount on gimbals and cranes than earlier systems.

    • Using Codex’s Production Suite, recorded data can be converted to a wide range of file formats including Panasonic V-RAW, Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHR. This ensures wide-ranging support for existing workflows.

  • Our Kit Includes
    • 4K camera module (AU-V35C1)
    • V-RAW 2.0 Recording module unit (AU-VCXRAW2)
    • 19mm Studio Bridgeplate
    • 12″ Camera Dovetail
    • Iris Rods (per user’s intended configuration)
    • Additional Batteries, Media and Media Transfer Devices available à la carte.