Preston FI+Z Wireless Focus Kit incl. HU3 / MDR3 (Focus, Iris, Zoom)

  • Product Highlights

    Pre-Marked Focus Rings
    30 channel 2.4GHz wireless link
    MDR3 Chassis is 31% smaller than MDR2
    MDR3 is 7% lighter: 500 g (MDR2 is 535 g)
    Controls up to 4 digital motors
    Lens control for stereo cameras using prime lenses
    Improved G4 radio
    Completely backwards compatible
    Adds new channels 30-59
    Eliminates co-channel interference on channels 30-59
    when directly next to other FI+Z units.
    New digital channel displays eliminate mechanical switches
    Automatic Cable/Radio switching
    New analog input port accepts inputs from Microforce zoom controls or Video style lens controls from Canon and Fujinon
    Supports R/S for Arri, RED, Sony, Canon C300, C500
    Timecode and genlock port
    Additional serial port for direct connection (no interface boxes) of
    accessories (CineTape, Fujinon digital lenses, Canon digital lenses)
    New USB port
    Update firmware with cable connection to PC or Mac
    Stores lens metadata to flash drives
    V-lock quick release for Alexa, F65, F55, other cameras

  • Our Kit Includes

    Preston HU3 for Preston FIZ for MDR2/MDR3 (4060-G4)(Hand Unit 3)
    Preston F/I Single-Channel Wireless Hand Unit for V+F Lens Control (4024)
    HU3 “A” Ring
    HU3 “B” Ring
    HU3 “C” Ring
    HU3 “D” Ring
    HU3 “E” Ring
    2x Preston HU3 Blank Marking Disk
    Rubber Handgrip for Preston HU3
    Metal Cover for Preston HU3 Handgrip Compartment
    Preston MDR3 Motor Controller for Preston FIZ With antenna (4110)
    Preston DM1X Digital Motor
    2x Preston DM2 Digital Motor
    15mm Step Down Bushings
    3x Hill Adjustable Mounts for Preston Motors (2pc.)
    3x 24″ Motor Cable for Preston DM1X/DM2 Digital Motors straight to right angle (4412)
    Preston Digital Microforce 2 Zoom Controller
    DMF Bracket for Preston FI+Z (4336)
    Digital MF to FI+Z Cable 8″ (4545)
    Camera Cable (MDR3): “Y” Cable
    Digital MF to FI+Z Cable 8′ Extension
    Main Command Cable [MDR3] (4700)
    2x Camera Cable: 3P Fischer (MDR3)(4721)
    2x Camera Cable: Red Epic (BNC connector) (MDR3)(4746)
    2x Camera Cable: Sony F5/F55 (4-pin Hirose) (MDR3)(4755)
    2x MDR3 Power Cable: (3p RS Fischer) (4699)
    2x MDR3 Power Cable: (P-Tap) (4641)
    V-Lock Bracket For MDR3 (4790)
    CineTape to MDR3 cable (4742)
    4x Sony NP-FM50 (or equivalent) batteries
    2x Sony NP-FM50 (or equivalent) charger