Preston FI+Z Wireless Focus Kit incl. HU3 / MDR4 (Focus, Iris, Zoom)

  • Product Highlights

    Two-channel motor driver (Focus and Iris or Zoom) for digital lens motors
    Connects wirelessly to Preston G4 hand controls
    Serial port allows connection to the Light Ranger 2 and firmware updates
    Analog port enables direct connection to Micro Force and broadcast-style controls
    USB port available for firmware updates
    Perfect for handheld, steadicam, MōVI, and other lightweight applications

  • Our Kit Includes

    Preston HU3 for Preston FIZ (4060-G4)(Hand Unit 3)
    HU3 “A” Ring
    HU3 “B” Ring
    HU3 “C” Ring
    HU3 “D” Ring
    HU3 “E” Ring
    2x Preston HU3 Blank Marking Disk
    Rubber Handgrip for Preston HU3
    Metal Cover for Preston HU3 Handgrip Compartment
    Preston MDR4 Motor Controller for Preston FIZ
    2x Preston DM2 Digital Motor
    15mm Step Down Bushings
    2x Hill Adjustable Mounts for Preston Motors (2pc.)
    2x 24″ Motor Cable for Preston DM1X/DM2 Digital Motors
    2x Camera Cable (MDR3/MDR4): Power Run/Stop Y-Cable
    2x Camera Cable: 3P Fischer (MDR3/MDR4) (4721)
    2x Camera Cable: Red Epic (BNC connector) (MDR3/MDR4) (4746)
    2x Camera Cable: Sony F55/F5 (4-pin Hirose) (MDR3/MDR4) (4755)
    2x MDR3/MDR4/V+F Power Cable: 3pRS Fischer (4699)
    2x MDR3/MDR4/V+F Power Cable: P-tap (4641)
    Wooden Camera V-Lock Base Station for MDR4
    Wooden Camera V-Lock Wedge Plate for MDR4
    PCS Bluetooth Module For Preston Connect (MDR3/MDR4/HU3/LR2)
    4x Sony NP-FM50 (or equivalent) batteries
    2x Sony NP-FM50 (or equivalent) charger