Preston Light Ranger 2 Wide Angle

  • Product Highlights

    The LR2W sensor has a 50° field of view sensor for short to mid-focal length lenses
    Overlays graphics onto a focus puller’s monitor
    Displays distance and depth information for up to 16 horizontal measurement zones across the frame
    Two-piece kit: sensor (mounted on camera) and graphical overlay box (mounted on focus puller’s monitor)
    Features manual and autofocus modes with seamless transition between the two
    Sensor connects to MDR-3 or MDR-4 via Serial port

  • Our Kit Includes

    Preston Light Ranger 2 Wide Angle
    Preston Video Interface Unit for Light Ranger 2
    Cinematic Precision Rangefinder Bracket for Light Ranger 2
    Preston Light Ranger 2 to Handle Bracket
    Preston Light Ranger 2 to Serial Cable
    Preston Light Ranger 2 Clamp for Handle Bracket
    Cinematic Precision Rangefinder Bracket Adapter for Light Ranger 2
    Wooden Camera Clamp
    MDR3 Power Cable: (3p RS Fischer) (4699)
    MDR3 Power Cable: (P-Tap) (4641)