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Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm T2.9 CF 2’10” Zoom Lens (Macro) (PL) 


ZEISS Interchangeable Mount EF for CP.2 Planar 100/T2.1 CF Lens $240
ZEISS Interchangeable Mount EF (for CP.2 18mm T3.6 or 25mm T2.9) $240
ZEISS Interchangeable Mount Set EF (for CP.2 21mm T2.9, 25mm T2.1, 28mm T2.1, 35mm T2.1) $240


 (Century) Canon 150-600mm T6.7 Zoom Lens (incl. Arri PL Mount) $9,600
Lens requires an overhaul which will take approximately 3 weeks from the date of payment


ARRI Accessories

Arri 35III-style Director’s Finder  $1,500