Proven Technical Support. Trusted, Experienced Repairs.

At TCS, the same engineers who maintain our rental inventory to the highest quality are available to repair and service the valuable cameras, lenses, and accessories you own and depend on.

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Camera Service

  • Back focus adjustment
  • Flange focal distance check
  • Cleaning
  • Lens mount changes
  • Sensor filter swaps

Lens Service

  • Lens collimation
  • ENG lens repair
  • Cinema lens repair
  • Lens Evaluations
  • Angenieux, Cooke, Zeiss, Leitz/Leica, and Fujinon.
  • Rehoused lenses from TLS, Zero Optik, and GL Optics.

Monitors and Cables

  • Monitor calibration
  • Cable repair
  • Custom cables
  • Custom power splitter boxes

We are a factory-trained and authorized Bolex dealer and service facility to work on all H16 spring-wound Bolex cameras, such as Bolex H16 RX4, H16 RX5, H16 SB, H16 SBM, and non-reflex Bolex.

  • Ground glass check
  • Film camera repairs
  • Film camera registration check

We have over 25 years of film camera experience. We can check any film camera’s ground glass and flange focal distance, including cameras no longer serviced by manufacturers like the Arricam, Arri 435, Arri 2C, Arri SB, Arri SR1, Arri SR2, Arri SR3, Arri S, Arri 16BL, and Arri 416.

  • Fluid Head repairs and overhauls
  • O’Connor
  • Sachtler