Arri FI+Z Wireless Focus Kit incl. WCU-3 / UMC-3A (Focus, Iris, Zoom)

  • Product Highlights

    3 Axis Lens Control w/ ZMU-3 attachment
    Wireless or hardwired
    Built-in programmable focus knob and thumb slider
    Compatible with the existing ARRI Wireless Remote System
    Communicates with the Universal Motor Controller UMC-3A, which can be attached to the ARRICAM Studio, ARRICAM Lite, ARRIFLEX 235, ARRIFLEX 435, ARRIFLEX D-21, ARRIFLEX 416 and to numerous other still and video cameras.

  • Our Kit Includes

    Arri WCU-3 Wireless Control Unit for Arri FIZ (White Generation)
    8x Flat Marking Disc for FF-3 / FF-4 / FF-5 / WCU-3
    OpTech Super Classic Strap
    2x Arri CLM-4 Digital Motor
    Arri CLM-3 Digital Motor
    2x Motor Cable for CLM-3
    3x Motor Cable for CLM-4
    Arri UMC-3A Motor Controller for Arri FIZ (White Generation)
    ZMU-3A Zoom Controller (Standard Part of WCU-3 FI+Z Kit)
    Bracket ZMU-3 WCU-3
    ZMU-3 to WCU-3 Cable .25m/.8 ft.
    ZMU-3 to WCU-3 Cable 10m/30 ft.
    2x UMC-3A/UMC-4 Power Cable: 16pFisM CAM-to-PTap
    2x UMC-3A/UMC-4 Power Cable: 16pFisM CAM-to-3pRS
    Arri UMC-3A / UMC-4 To Cinetape Cable (K2.65063.0)
    V-Lock Mount Adapter for UMC-3A (EL-VLP-ARCM)
    19mm V-Lock Speedy Clamp (EL-DVL-SC9)
    4x Sony NP-FM50 (or equivalent) batteries
    2x Sony NP-FM50 (or equivalent) charger