Pretend It’s a City

Director: Martin Scorsese

Cinematographer: Ellen Kuras

Between the World and Me

Director: Kamilah Forbes

Cinematographers: Jerry Henry, Christine Ng

The Flight Attendant

Cinematographers: Brian Burgoyne, Adrian Peng Correia, Hillary Spera, Jay Feather

Let Them All Talk

Director & Cinematographer: Steven Soderbergh


Cinematographer: Declan Quinn, ASC


Cinematographers: Giorgio Scali, Brad Smith, Jake Polansky (Season 5)

Cinematographer: Giorgio Scali (Season 4)

Cinematographer: Alexander Dynan (Season 4)

Cinematographer:  Jake Polonsky, BSC (Seasons 1-3)



Claudio Rietti (season 2)

Adrian Peng Correia (season 1)

Ashley Connor (Pilot)


Director: Crystal Moselle

Cinematographer: Jackson Hunt

The Last OG


Daniel Patterson (Season 3)
Antoine Vivas-Denisov (Season 2)
Michael Simmonds (Season 1)

Crazy Rich Asians

Director: Jon M. Chu

Cinematographer: Vanja Cernjul, HFS, ASC


Godfather of Harlem


Guillermo Navarro, AMC, ASC

Chris Norr

Jack Donnelly


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