Ask for Jane

Theatrical Premiere May 17th

Director:  Rachel Carey

Cinematographer:  Caitlin Machak

Framing John Delorean

Directors: Don Argott, Sheena M. Joyce

Cinematographer:  Matthew Santo


Cinematographer: Giorgio Scali (Season 4)

Cinematographer: Alexander Dynan (Season 4)

Cinematographer:  Jake Polonsky, BSC (Seasons 1-3)

See You Yesterday

Tribeca Film Fest Premiere

Director: Stefon Bristol

Cinematographer: Felipe Vara de Rey

The Last O.G.

Cinematographer: Antoine Vivas-Denisov (Season 2)

Cinematographer: Michael Simmonds (Season 1)

The Sound of Silence

Sundance 2019 Premiere

Director: Michael Tyburski

Cinematographer: Eric Lin

Before You Know It

Sundance 2019 Premiere

Director: Hannah Pearl Utt

Cinematographer: Jon Keng

Crazy Rich Asians

Director: Jon M. Chu

Cinematographer: Vanja Cernjul, HFS, ASC

She’s Gotta Have It

Director: Spike Lee

Cinematographer: Daniel Patterson

House Of Cards

Cinematographer:  David M. Dunlap (Seasons 5-6)

Cinematographer:  Tim Norman (Seasons 5-6)


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