Bright Tangerine Misfit Kick 4x5.65 Clip-On Matte Box



  • Product Highlights

    for 4×5.65″ filters
    2 or 3 stage options
    Ideal for lightweight set-ups
    Convertible between Clip-on, 15mm LWS, 15mm Studio and 19mm Studio
    Switching from two stage to three stage only requires twist of screw and adding third filter tray — no complicated conversion process • Carbon-fiber construction

  • Our Kit Includes

    4×5.65 3-Stage Matte Box
    3x 4×5.65 Filter Tray Horizontal
    Top Flag with Variable Sides
    Super Lightweight Glide Rail with 3/8″ Cinetape Mount Point
    Filter Guard Safety Lock for Misfit
    Production Swing Away Core
    15mm Lightweight Rod Arm Type 2 for Swing Away Core
    Dovetail for Swing Away Core
    19mm Studio Strummer Bracket
    Misfit Matte Set 18-20. 24-28. 32-40. 50-75. 85-180