Job Summary:

The Prep Technician is an on-site role that pulls and prepares camera equipment for preps, pick ups, deliveries, or shipments at TCS. This is a critical operations role that works with TCS clients to ensure an efficient and accurate check out process.


  • Camera Order Preparation
    • Ensures all TCS clients have a successful and organized camera checkout or pickup experience. Accurately pull, prepare, and dispatch equipment based on client orders.
    • Liaisons with internal departments to coordinate and troubleshoot all aspects of the client orders. Recommends changes when needed.
    • Pitches in with assisting other techs when they are not on preps or pulls. 
  • Customer Service
    • Coordinates with other internal departments to meet individual customer needs such as repairs or accessory additions, and communicates with managers throughout the process.
  • Organization and Quality
    • Shares the responsibility of maintaining the warehouse organization. Keep the space clean and orderly.

Skills/Experience, and Abilities Required:

  • Experience working on set and industry/production knowledge a plus
  • Basic understanding of camera and lenses and their operation a plus
  • Passion for the motion picture production industry
  • Good Communication skills Teamwork and communication are paramount in properly carrying out our day to day operations.
  • Problem solving/critical thinking and ability to work under pressure
  • Customer service/empathy
  • Solid understanding of computers, software and ability to learn new software.
  • Familiarity with warehouse management software a plus

Physical/Work Environment Requirements:

  • Ability to lift up to 50lbs.
  • The ability to safely climb ladders while carrying equipment cases.
  • Prolonged periods of sitting at a desk and working on a computer.
  • Prolonged periods of working on your feet.
  • Safely and reliably maneuver in a warehouse while carrying equipment.
  • Safe handling of chemicals like glue, solvent and epoxy.
  • Enforcement and use of Personal Protective Equipment as needed.

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Competitive compensation based on experience
  • Comprehensive benefits package including PTO, health insurance, and 401(k)
  • Use equipment for personal use based on availability