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RED DSMC2 Gemini 5K




  • Condition: Used, Very Good
  • This is professionally cared-for equipment.
  • All cameras pass a final QC by our trained technicians before sale. Fans and sensors are cleaned and cameras are upgraded to the latest camera firmware.

All of our used equipment is purchasable by special order only.


As part of the DSMC2 line from RED DIGITAL CINEMA, the DSMC2 brain with Gemini 5K S35 Sensor in a woven carbon fiber body can be built up in a variety of ways to fit your production’s needs. Compatible with standard accessories from RED and third parties.

Use all your favorite S35mm lenses with the dual ASAGemini sensor, great for anamorphic shooting and low light.

This kit includes the compact Tilta Studio build, all the accessory power you need, 3 BNC HDSDI, full-size Audio, Timecode, Genlock, and Run/Stop connectors, and is covered in Arri Anti-Twist mounting points.  (Arri BP-8/BP-9 compatible but not included

Two native light sensitivities, normal and low light.

See more product information in rental.

What You Get

Red DSCM2 Gemini 5K S35 camera body
DSMC2 Magnesium PL Mount 2.0
Standard OLPF
Skintone OLPF
Lowlight OLPF
Red DSMC2 Sidekick including cover plate
Mini-Mag Side Module
Red EVF (Viewfinder)
Red DSMC2 5.0″ LCD
Tilta DSMC² Lemo Adapter A
18″ EVF/LCD Cable
7″ EV/LCD Cable
12V DC Power Cable f/ Block Batteries
Tilta B Studio Kit:
Advanced I/O Module for Power Aks Out, DC In, SDI and HDMI Monitoring, Audio connectors
A.B. Gold Mount Battery Plate for I/O Module
B Top Plate for Studio Kit (v2 upgrade)
for BNC Genlock/Timecode, R/S, Additional Power Accessory ports
DSMC2 Side Arm
DSMC2 Top Handle
HEB-2 Handle Extension Bracket
Bottom Plate Riser with 15mm LWS bracket
19mm Articulating Offset Bracket for LCD or EVF
19mm Rod Mounting Bracket
End Caps for Top Handle
2x 15mm Rod Mounting Bracket
15mm LWS Mounting Bracket for Tilta ArtIculating LCD Mount incl. 2x 4″ 15mm rods

Optional Add-Ons

Canon EF, Titanium Mount (Locking Model)
Leica M Mount
Leica Standard OLPF
RedStation USB 3.0
Red MiniMags 512GB
Meanwell AC Power Adapter w/ AC Cable