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MSRP: $93,333.00


  • Condition: Used, Very Good
  • This is professionally cared-for equipment.
  • All cameras pass a final QC by our trained technicians before sale. Fans and sensors are cleaned and cameras are upgraded to the latest SUP (camera firmware).
  • Includes all license keys: High Speed, ProRes/DNxHD, Arriraw, 3.2K Resolution, Anamorphic

All of our used equipment is purchasable by special order only.


ALEXA is a compact, lightweight and affordable digital camera that will redefine the limits of motion picture capture with ultra-fast workflows and image quality akin to 35mm film.

From major motion pictures and high end dramas to commercials, music videos and mainstream TV, ALEXA suits a wide variety of applications and budgets.

What‘s Included

ARRI Alexa Plus 4:3 XR Camera Body
All Licenses: High Speed, ProRes/DNxHD, Arriraw, 3.2K Resolution, Anamorphic 4:3
Arri PL Mount, with LDS and /i metadata support (incl turret plug)
Codex XR Recorder Module Upgrade (supports Codex XR Capture Drive)
EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder
VMB-1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket
ALEXA to EVF-1 viewfinder cable
CCH-1 Center Camera Handle
BP-12 19mm Bridge Plate (15mm LWS is native to the camera body)
LB-1 Leveling Block
SP Arri Shoulder Pad
Antenna for Wireless Remote Control of Arri FIZ
BAB-G Adapter Back for Gold Mount Battery
Power Supply (220w 24vDC)
Camera Power Cable (24vDC)

Optional Add-Ons

Codex Capture Drive Dual Dock
Codex XR Drives
SxS Card Reader
Codex SxS Adapter (supports Sony SxS media)
Atto 6Gbps SAS Card for Tower or Enclosure
WA-1 Wedge Adapter
Arri BPA-2 Bridge Plate Adapter
Arri WCU-3, WCU-4
Arri RCU-4 Camera Control Panel with control panel Cable
50′ RCU-4 Control Panel Cable
100′ RCU-4 Control Panel Extension Cable
100′ RCU-4 Control Panel Cable Snake with BNC cable
10′ RCU-4 Control Panel Cable snake with 24v DC power cable with 3pin fischer pigtail, and 3x BNC cables